the best keyboards of ios. These are the best alternatives to iOS defualt keyboard
the best keyboards of ios. These are the best alternatives to iOS defualt keyboard

A keyboard is an essential software on any platform. We all love Apple due to iPhone and they produce a great smartphone with a combination of best hardware and software. No doubt that Apple produces some of the great softwares in the market but there is a huge question mark when we come to Keyboard. Apple keyboard for iOS is not that great as the other software, but here are some best keyboards for iOS.

Top Three Best Keyboards for iOS

1. Google GBoard

Google’s GBoard is one of the best keyboards for both Android and iOS. It have a great layout with some of the best themes for any keyboard. The typing is smooth and quick with a great auto correction. The most important feature of the Google GBoard is that it features an embedded Google Search widget with in the keyboard so you can search the world’s most powerful search engine without leaving the current app, which is very handy.


  • Google Search Embedded in the GBoard
  • Swipe Geatures
  • Excellent Layout
  • Great Themes
  • Fast Typing
  • Perfect Emojis


Gboard is the perfect keyboard that we can easily recommend over the default iOS keyboard. It is fast, accurate and highly customizable. It is the best keyboard available for both android and iOS.


2. SwiftKey Keyboard

When it comes to keyboard, swiftkey keyboard is the name which is must and it cannot be missed. This is the reason it is in our list at second place after the Google’s GBoard. In fact, this was the best keyboard for android before the GBoard came out. SwiftKey supports a lot of devices and also offers a ton of customizations. It supports various languages and  come with some great pre installed themes but you can download more themes from theme store if you want.

swiftkey keaboard for ios best keyboards for ios
swiftkey keaboard for ios


  • Smooth Typing Gestures
  • Great Themes
  • Good Suggestions
  • Offers a lot of customizations



  • Lack few emojis
  • Most themes are paid

3. Microsoft Word Flow

The third and last keyboard in our list is Microsoft Word Flow keyboard. This keyboard is added into our list because of its style and impression. You can turn out this keyboard into a circular form and it will still works like a normal keyboard. The key travel and layout is rounded in such a way that you will not notice the difference in typing speed on a normal keyboard and Microsoft Word Flow.

the best keyboards of iOS.
the best keyboards of iOS.



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