icloud bypasss and remove icloud activation lock
icloud bypasss and remove icloud activation lock

The most uncomfortable thing for most users who buy a used iPhone or iPad is iCloud activation lock. The iCloud bypass is always wanted by most of the iPhone users. More than 50% of iCloud locked iPhones are stuck on activation lock by mistake. There are several ways to bypass iCloud activation lock. Some are free and some are paid. Whenever we talk about removing the iCloud activation lock there is always a big question in the mind.

What is iCloud Activation Lock?

If you just bought a used iPhone or iPad then you are more likely to face this issue. If the previous user forget to remove his iCloud id then your phone can stuck on iCloud lock. This will make your phone useless and you cannot get pass that screen. The only way to unlock phone is to provide the correct credentials.

iCloud bypass is possible?

The answer to above question is YES. You can bypass the iCloud activation lock and various companies and websites are providing this service. Below we are going to provide you the two most common ways of unlocking the iPhone which is stuck at iCloud activation lock. Note that this will only remove the iCloud activation lock, not the carrier lock.


iCloud bypass and remove iCloud activation lock
iCloud bypass and remove iCloud activation lock


FREE iCloud bypass using DNS server

This type of activation lock bypass is a temporary bypass. DNS servers are used to get pass the activation screen. You will get a very limited functionality from your iCloud locked iPhone/iPad using this trick. You also need to be dependent on the servers and their content. A guide to this process is written below.

  1. Restart your iPhone/iPad to set up as a new device.
  2. On “choose wifi network” option click on info button next to wifi symbol.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page where you will find an option to enter the DNS for the servers. Use one of the following DNS to bypass the iCloud lock.USA/North America:
    In rest of the world: 
  4. Now press the back button after entering one of above DNS addresses.
  5. Join your wifi network.
  6. The iPhone will try to activate by going to a new screen. Don’t let it, hit the Back button at the top right to return to the WiFi page where you will be logged in.
  7. After joining you will see something like iCloud Bypass at the top of screen.

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Remove iCloud Permanently

This second method will guide you about removal of iCloud. This removal will be paid. There are many companies which are providing such services. We have a list of most trusted and reliable companies. They charge for their service and remove iCloud lock after  a few days of payment.

The best option for a permanent iCloud unlock is iphoneimei.net. They provide a great service with excellent user support. A quick guide is mentioned below to unlock iCloud locked iPhone/iPad using iphoneimei.net.

  1. Head over to iphoneimei.net
  2. Note down the IMEI number of your iPhone.
  3. Enter  the IMEI number in iphoneimei.net
  4. Click Unlock Now button.
  5. Enter your payment information and after payment, your iPhone will be unlocked after a few days.

This type of iPhone iCloud unlock is permanent. You will be able to use your phone normally after a successful iCloud unlock. The time it take to unlock the iPhone iCloud is normally 2 – 3 days.


The iPhone stuck on iCloud Activation can be unlocked legally by IMEI number. This will turn your iCloud locked iPhone into a full useable phone. Be advised that it will not Factory Unlock your phone. It will only unlock the iCloud locked iPhone/iPad.


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