LED Flashlight - Screen Light

Flashlight apps are the most necessary tool on any android device with a flash. Even though there are several manufacturers which include this in their smartphone as a system app, some are still missing this important app. moreover there is limited functionality in led flashlight app.

Pros of using a custom flashlight app

  • It have more functions than an ordinary  Flashlight app.
  • It saves battery by adjusting the light.
  • Contains different brightness levels.
  • Comes with a screen light too.
  • Offers a dark theme.

Best Flashlight App

There are many flashlight apps on google play. Our choice is LED Flashlight – Screen Light. It comes with a ton of functionality packed in a small size.

LED Flashlight - Screen Light
LED Flashlight – Screen Light


LED Flashlight – Screen Light is a light but powerful tool to convert to your camera’s flash into an extremely bright flashlight that you can use to light up a dark place. It comes with a strobe option to create SOS signals. It also comes with a dark theme to save your battery. If a phone does not have a flash LED Flashlight will use your screen to turn it into a bright light.


Key Features of LED Flashlight – Screen Light 

• Flashlight
The app turns the flash of your phone into a bright torch.

• Screen Light
It also use the screen of your phone to produce a white light. If your phone does not come with an LED Flash, LED Flashlight – Screen Light will use the display of your phone to turn it into a bright light.

• Strobe Option
LED Flashlight – Screen Light also comes with strobe option to control your flash. You can adjust the delay of strobe by using the seek bar to set SOS signals and much more. The setting ranges from 2 seconds to 30 milliseconds.

• Widgets
The app comes with elegant widgets, it provides great customization in widgets area. you can adjust the transparency and size of widgets. When using widgets you can turn on the flashlight on single tap on the widget. Through widgets, turning on flashlight is effortless.

• Dark Theme
It comes with a dark theme option. To activate dark theme in LED Flash, Simply go to settings menu and check dark theme. The dark theme will help you save power on an Super LED Displays.

• Optimization
LED Flashlight is optimized for all devices with or without flash. it provides great controls over the screen light and LED flashlight of your phone.



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