Microsoft Edge for Android
Microsoft Edge for Android

After a long run with Microsoft internet explorer, Microsoft released the edge as the default browser for windows. In terms of performance and speed, Microsoft’s browser really stands with some of top browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.¬†Microsoft Edge claimed to be faster than google chrome in windows 10 and as far the numbers go the Microsoft beats chrome in page loading speed. Here is the Microsoft Edge for android review.

Microsoft Edge now Available on Android

Now, Microsoft’s browser is available to download on google play and it is still in early access and you get a chance to try it if you sign up for early access on google play. Microsoft Edge is still in Preview and it is still under development but here is everything you need to know about Microsoft Edge Preview for Android.


Microsoft Edge for Android Full Review with download link from Google Play
Microsoft Edge for Android Full Review with download link from Google Play



Pros of Microsoft Edge Android:

  • Offers Reading Mode that we all love.
  • Allow Sync with multiple devices.
  • Beautiful Edge to Edge User Interface.
  • Pick Where Left ( Browse from where you left on your windows 10 PC ).
  • QR Code Reading.


Cons of Microsoft Edge Android:

  • Pick where left works only for windows 10 pc with latest updates.
  • Various Bugs present in the preview.

Should you try?

Everyone using a windows PC should try this browser to take advantage of this browser on both windows and android. This is now available as a public beta and you can try it now and download from Google Play. It is available as a preview app and anyone can test it and provide feedback which will help in improvements of user experience and performance.



Edge for android is a great internet browser. Microsoft really put some good effort in this browser to make it available across mobile platforms. An internet browser is a mandatory precise of software on any device. With the presence of some good and perfectly optimized web browser for various platforms, can Microsoft’s browser for android stand out and beat those browsers? ¬†Microsoft Edge is still in preview and we cannot evaluate it completely until Microsoft launch a full version of this browser.





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