Pokemone GO Halloween event adds new pokemons on Halloween event.
Pokemone GO Halloween event adds new pokemons on Halloween event.

Pokemone GO Halloween Event was rumored from past couple of months. After a lot of hype regarding this in-game event, Niantic  has now officially announced the pokemone halloween event. This event brings new Gen 3 pokemones and a special edition pikachu. Below is everything you need to know about this halloween event in pokemone GO.

Pokemone GO Halloween Event

Following content have been added in the game:

  • New Generation 3 Pokemones
  • Candy Rewards

Halloween event in pokemone go — which begins on October 20th at 12:00 PM PT and ends on November 2nd at 1:00 PM PT. It will bring only a few new pokemones with a special edition halloween pikachu. However, Niantic said that they will add more pokemones later this year in December.


Pokemone GO Halloween in-game event.


In addition to the new pokemones which are added in this event, there is a new special edition of pikachu which is pretty cute and attractive. This event has not only added new Generation 3 pokemones to the game but it also brings great rewards. These rewards will be available during the whole event. These rewards contain candy rewards on catching a pokemone. They also comes with games boosts like hatching eggs and transferring Pokemon to the professor will all be doubled for the duration of the event.


This is one of the first substantial in-game events since Niantic debuted Raid Battles and Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to jump back in, this might be it. That was everything you need to know about this new halloween event in Pokemone GO. This event is a great reason for people to get back in the game and enjoy the outdoor battles in real world. For further information on this event take a look at below video.




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