Turbo Cleaner Speed Booster
Turbo Cleaner Speed Booster

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful these days. With such power and content they cached a lot of files and data. Every app on the smartphone must have some junk files left on every session. Cleaning such files is equally important in making the phone lag free and keep it running smooth. Turbo Cleaner Speed Booster is the best solution for this problem.

Turbo Cleaner Speed Booster

There are numerous cleaner and booster apps for android that can provide this service. They do the job but they also come with other useless functions like notifications cleaner and other stuff which almost keep the app in front. This is a difficult task to find out a perfect cleaner for cleaning such files. Turbo Cleaner and speed booster is the best cleaner app on the google play that do this task and don’t block anything on your phone.


Turbo Cleaner – RAM Booster is a FREE Junk Cleaner and RAM Booster to speed up your device. It clears cache files to free up storage and also cleans RAM which is occupied by unnecessary background Apps. Turbo Cleaner also offers a Powerful App manager which can be used to uninstall bloatware and to manage Startup Apps on your device.


Turbo Cleaner Speed Booster
Turbo Cleaner Speed Booster

Key Features of Turbo Cleaner  Speed Booster

Junk Cleaner
Turbo Cleaner speed booster clean up junk files to free up storage. It will clean up all those unnecessary junk files and leftovers by other apps. As a result your phone will run fast and you will also gain some new space on your phone. To make your phone faster it is important that you delete all these files. Turbo Cleaner is the best cleaner to perform this task.

RAM Booster
Turbo Cleaner is also a excellent RAM Booster for your phone. It free RAM to make your phone faster by clearing memory occupied by unnecessary background running apps. You can exclude any app you want to keep in memory.

App Manager
Turbo Cleaner is equipped with a powerful App Manager which allow you better control on your apps. You can uninstall any bloatware and unnecessary app effortlessly.

Disable Auto-start Apps [Root]
By using Turbo Cleaner you can stop the apps to start when device is booting. Disabling unnecessary apps will decrease boot time and make your phone faster and efficient. It will also helps to conserve the battery and improve device performance.


Light Weight 
Turbo Cleaner is light but powerful cleaner and booster for your android device. It comes in small size without using much permissions on your device.

Turbo Cleaner – RAM Booster is 100% free cleaner and booster for your android smartphone. It will clean a lot of junk files and keep your phone running smooth and new.


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