after updating iPhone running slow, iOS 11 slows down iPhone/iPad
after updating iPhone running slow, iOS 11 slows down iPhone/iPad

iOS updates cause iPhone running slow

Software updates are necessary for any smartphone. Apple is well known due to long term support for their devices. iPhone running slow after updates. Every iPhone user have this issue. User always say that their iPhone slow down after updating to a new software version. Apple never admits that they slow down their devices until the release of iOS 11. Apple is current supporting iPhone 5s, 6, 6S, 7 and iPhone 8 and iPhone X for future updates.

How slow iPhone can go after update?

Updating an iPhone to a new version of iOS can help users get important security updates. At the same time updates also make negative impact on the performance of iPhone. More Older the iPhone, more worst the performance will be. Sometimes the difference is very big even on some newer iPhones. Below is the image of a Geekbench Result which display the score before and after the update. These results from an iPhone 6S on both iOS 10 and iOS 11.

after updating iPhone running slow, iOS 11 slows down iPhone/iPad
after updating iPhone running slow, iOS 11 slows down iPhone/iPad


The above numbers have a big difference. This make it clear that how worst the performance is on iOS 11. Greater the score more the performance. iPhone running slow after updating to newer version of iOS. In fact the performance on pervious version is almost double.


What makes iPhone running slow?

Users wonder what makes their Apple device slow after update? Well below is the screenshot of CPU clock speed before and after the update. After update, the clock speed is significantly slower. When the CPU clock speed will be slower the overall performance will also decrease. As a result, your phone will run slower.


after update iPhone running slow with slow clock speeds
iPhone running slow after updates


The above screenshots from a CPU information app uncover everything. The CPU is clocked at a very slow speed and this only happened after updating an iPhone 6S to iOS 11.

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Apple Response on Slowing Clock Speed of CPU

The Apple Inc responded to all these above circumstances on their official website. According to apple, the lower clock speeds are necessary in order to provide a good user experience on older iPhones with Lithium Ion batteries. Lower clock speed helps in saving the battery. The Lithium Ion batteries are not capable enough to provide same power after they age a bit. If they don’t lower the clock speeds then this can lead to a very poor battery life and the phone may shut down unexpectedly.

For the first time in the history, Apple accepted that they slow down their older devices through updates. But there are still several questions, Is Apple the only one who slow down their devices? There is a huge number of devices in the market which use Lithium Ion batteries. If Apple know that this can happen then why they don’t offer a user replaceable battery option in the iPhone?


Apple have a long history of supporting their devices with software updates. They should take steps to make older devices fast on newer versions of iOS. The best solution for the iPhone running slow after updates is to replace the battery of the phone so that your iPhone’s CPU can run at its maximum capacity. On the other hand updates contain security improvements and all users should update their iPhone/iPad.



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